MAIL, TRACK and LEARN, these are the three basic facets of all the email campaigns that VPO Users conduct. The extensive; feature enabled software that we have at Vpromote online will enable you to have an X-ray vision and put you in absolute control over every email campaign that you conduct.
We believe in giving you a complete insight into your campaign, by a meticulous and comprehensive tracking of the sent email, user behavior towards those mails, for leveraging better marketing results and spawning returns. In addition you will have completely customized application that will speak for your business, bear your business name, logo and will also carry your exclusive copyright notices. It will carry your exclusive message to your customers/clients and contacts.

Here’s a sneak peek into our wide ranging and all-inclusive online email marketing application:

Emails newsletters, templates, banners.
Complete tracking of the sent mails.
Tracking of the bounce rate of the sent mails.
Tracking the number of times the mails have been forwarded.
Tracking the mails that have been forwarded.
Tracking of the mails that have been opened.
Tracking the number of time that a mail has been viewed.
Tracking the time when the mail was opened.
The time taken in sending out the mail.
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